am an expat working in an almost all local environment. When I started carrying my LV, one of the newer releases that time, almost all the ladies on the floor started coming by my desk to see it. I am situated in one of the corners of the floor, and the bag is not displayed on top of my desk where it can be easily seen. One or two would've seen me coming in from elevator and walking to my desk or leav louis vuitton purse

,i'd pick mono artsy and damier eva=) louis vuitton shop,

Looks amazing on you! louis vuitton outlet


I hope this link works - if so, you will see the new Idylle bags!!! http://gluttonforgrandeur.blogspot.c...can-dream.html Be patient and keep scrolling down & you'll find them I love the bags directly under the Idylle bags - any clues as to what they are? louis vuitton replica


^^^True!!! tablet pill


congrats louis vuitton handbags


Wow, your new bag is a stunner!! ... Enjoy!!! LV

,I would go with the graphite; it is considered more masculine than the others. You could even heat stamp it (my nephew has one with his initials in silver and it was a stunner). louis vuitton bags.


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